What to do on a rainy Tuesday Birthday

by Katlikegirl

It had been pouring down for most of the night and didn’t look to be letting up at all. In the morning I donned a shift dress and tights, thinking that tights would dry out quicker than trousers once I got to the office. I put on a long waterfall cardigan (nice for cosying into while still looking smart) popped my patent pumps in my bag and slipped into my rather stylish Doc Marten Wellies.

I looked okay, not bad for the Birthday girl. I think I have only worked on my Birthday once or twice before, it wasn’t so bad, the people I worked with made such a fuss; it was worth going to work just for the cards and the cake! Not today. I put the remainder of my cake from the weekend celebrations with the in-laws into a box, tucked my cardigan up into my waterproof and ventured off to find my car ahead of a rather hairy drive to work in the rain.

I made it in to work on time and with only a slight rage at the drivers who didn’t think they should bother with any lights. Why should they? they are obviously so important we should just sense them coming in what can only be descrived as torrential downpour. Well, I survived and in to work I went. I will not bore you with the details.

I don’t know them very well and there isn’t much reciprocal effort made, but couple of people wished me Happy Birthday throughout the day so I can’t complain. The day was done and I was really looking forward to getting home and enjoying my Birthday properly.

I have an odd feeling about Birthdays, they have been forgotten, been ruined, been built up into something they could never be and then last year it was just great. I don’t think I could top the party we had last year so I’d just arranged to have some nice food at a local pub and then head to our regular haunt for the quiz they have on a Tuesday- the quiz that I rarely get to because it is a Tuesday night.

So I popped on my wellies once again and headed to my car for the journey home. It wasn’t raining at the time so I hadn’t bothered to button up properly and tuck my cardigan up into my waterproof. On the way I dropped off a colleague where he had abandoned his car at lunchtime after not wanting to risk the flooded section of road that had led to plumes of smoke coming out of his car earlier. Although, the road wasn’t as bad on the way home and the rain seemed to have eased off, well, until I was closer to home and it hammered down once more.

Pulling up onto the street around the corner from my house where I have to park, I crawled along to finally find a space at the very far end and up another side street. ‘Oh well, I have a waterproof, I’ll be fine’, I thought, the pounding rain was not going to dampen my spirits. I hopped out of the car and quickly tried to tuck my cardigan up into my waterproof. A man walking past looked at me with a grimace and said, ‘nice, isn’t it!’ to which I answered with a chirpy but sarcastic, ‘Yes, isn’t it just’.

As I turned to lock my car I felt a gust of wind and only then realised, he was not passing a sarcastic comment about the weather, he was rather glibly reffering to the fact that I had also tucked my dress up into my waterproof along with my cardigan and was thus revealing my bottom for all to see. Oh well, it is a small town, but maybe he won’t recognise me when I am fully dressed. I told Husband as soon as I got home, mortified that I had not only shown my bottom to a complete stranger but then told them that it was nice! Husband laughed and affirmed, ‘If you can’t show your bottom to a stranger on your Birthday, when can you!’ True, very true!
A quick change and we ventured back out into the rain together to meet friends for dinner.

Our destination was a nice little real ale pub that also serves really good food, and as an extra bonus, it is buy one get one free on a Tuesday. It was nice as well that the landlady recognised me and said that she’s seen me in Langdale over the weekend. I’d made my second trip of the month to the valley to support a friend doing the Half Marathon. Who am I kidding, it wasn’t just to support them, I’ll take any excuse to go back and soak it up. It was oddly fitting that I should return there the weekend before my Birthday; as wierd as it is for me to know this, I am oddly comforted in knowing that I was ‘created’ in Langdale- in a caravan at the back of the Old Dungeon Ghyll and thanks to a bottle of Trinidadian rum my Dad had brought back with him when on leave. My mum shared the oddest things with me! but it is little stories like this that make up for the big things I will now never know.

Back to friends and much more pleasant feelings, I was given some really lovely goodies – including a rather fetching dust-pan and brush! Haha, yes, an odd present for some, but very fitting for me. Another friend, before giving me the present, said that she had nearly sent it back after something I had said the other night. I opened it and laughed.

When we’d been out for a run my friend had been testing out Endomondo on her new phone, using an arm band to keep her phone secure. I’d said I wasn’t sure how I felt about arm bands – I always wondered of they would make me look like a bit of a pratt (she had already bought me it by then!) but I did also balance this with the opposing view another friend had offered, that an arm band meant you were a serious runner. I will give it a go tonight and see how I get on – if we’re both wearing one will that make me look more or less like a pratt? No, I do like it, not least because it matches my water bottle! Further judgement is reserved until I have put its functionality to the test.

After a very lovely dinner, we headed to our usual local (another real ale pub) and the very lovely Landlord got the drinks in for us all, which was very nice, and then we set to the pub quiz. Separated by Boys vs Girls, we thought we had strength in numbers until the Boys’ team doubled in size, and given that the quiz is written by a boy, I maintain that is why we didn’t win. Oh well, we didn’t win the quiz, but I did win a very lovely (and unexpected) Birthday cake made by a very nice friend.

I am very lucky to have such friends.