13 in 13

by Katlikegirl

Well, no posts for ages and then two come along in one day!

As part of my kick up the posterior, I am taking the 13 in 13 challenge with Weight Wars

The aim is to complete a personal challenge each month throughout the year, and one really big challenge to top the lot. I like lists and goals so this sounds right up my street.

While I haven’t finalised what my challenges will be each month, I have a start point and my biggie already in place.

January will be my detox month to get my body back on track. I want to get myself back down to two cups of coffee a day, lay off alcohol for the month, drink more water, watch what I eat and refrain from cake.

My 13th challenge will be to run the Loch Ness Marathon in September 2013.

Watch this space to see what challenges pop up each month. A lot will depend on how my foot is getting on as to when I can realistically do some of them but so far I’m thinking: the Three Peaks (possibly four if I can fit in a trip to Ireland); a couple of half marathons as part of my marathon training; bagging a few more Wainwrights; doing the Keswick to Barrow Walk; and getting down into my healthy weight-range.