13 in 13 – January begins…

by Katlikegirl



I know that most people usually commit their resolutions before, or on, January 1 (as the beginning of the New Year) and I’m all for it- but New Year fell on a Tuesday and it just felt like an odd day to start something from fresh so this Monday is the first week of my New Year.

As I’ve already said, January is to be my detox and get back on track month. For the last few days I have been phasing in some good habits. Rather than telling myself ‘not’ to do something I’m turning it on it’s head and telling myself what I ‘will’ do, as a way of positively reinforcing a healthier lifestyle.

For each month I’ll have a main goal and break it into five mini goals to help me achieve the goal over the month.

January – ‘Detox’ Month
For the month of January I will:

Drink only two cups of coffee a day
I’m a cofee addict and at one point I was drinking upto 12 cups a day, scary, I know! Over the years I weaned myself down to two cups but since my injury it crept back up to four. Well, I’m happy to say, so far, so good. Since January 1 I have maintained a two cup a day habit.

Drink more herbal tea
I have a reaction to ordinary black tea, so I drink a lot of fruit and herbal teas anyway but I go through phases and fall out of the habit. So far, so good, I have been drinking more tea, and have even given Green Tea another try and it seems to be doing the trick!

Drink more fluid
Okay, this one is partially covered by mini goal two but since my activity has decreased and I am exercising little to none, I have found that I have been going days without drinking water. I will drink at least a litre of water each day throughout January.

Go back to slimming group
I was really busy before Christmas and stopped going to the slimming group I had been attending. Then Christmas happened and I indulged in anything and everything. Tuesday 8 January will be my first day back. I will sign-up for another 12 weeks and this will help me with mini-goal five…

Get my eating back on track
I’m an emotional eater. While on the whole I eat quite healthily, when I get anxious, busy, upset, tired, I will eat whatever is to hand and I will eat it until it is all gone, whether I’m full or not. With better planning and keeping check of my self-sabotage methods I can easily overcome this, get back on track and get back to my target weight. I’ll update after weigh-in when I know how far I have to go.