Everything, except celery

I eat everything, except celery.

Month: February, 2013

Toast, and other neurosis

A little insight into one of my ‘quirks’…

Waking early one afternoon, wrapped around my then boyfriend* fighting the urge to open my eyes and let the daylight in lest it also awaken a hangover and a pounding head. ‘I’m hungry’, I whined. ‘It’s okay,’ he told me, ‘I’ll take you out for lunch in a bit.’
‘But I’m hungry now.’ The hunger had struck, I needed to eat or I felt my head was going to implode.
‘Would you like some toast?’
‘Oooh, yes please!’
He got up, still lethargic and asked, ‘What would you like on your toast?’
‘Cheese please’, I asked cheekily.
‘So you want cheese on toast?’
‘Yes please, that would be lovely, thank you.’
So as I drifted back to sleep, the lovely man went to make me some food.
He returned shortly after with a plate of cheese on toast. My first, and vocal, reaction was, ‘But you haven’t put it to the edges!’
‘You can wear it if you like?’ he laughed at me.

While I will eat anything (except celery), I am really picky about the way things are prepared. Well, I am told I am being picky, I just think I’m doing it properly. For cheese on toast the cheese has to go right to the edges, otherwise you end up with charred crusts that get wasted; I hate wasting any food.

The way bread is buttered is just one of my ‘quirks’. The butter has to be skimmed from the top of the packet/container, definitely not dug or gouged out. Then, starting at one corner it should be buttered along all sides before filling in the middle. Maximum coverage and an econcomic amount of butter used – it just makes sense. You don’t end up making holes in the bread, you don’t get crumbs in the butter and the crusts get a nice coating that makes them worth eating.

*This man was crazy enough to marry me, not only putting up with my ways, but following instruction to do it my way too.


13 in 13 – February begins…

Well, the overall goal for this month is to improve fitness following injury.

The good news is, (great news actually) I’m allowed to run! After four months consigned to the sofa, I am finally allowed to run again! The Consultant has said to build up slowly, keep it flat (that’s the trails ruled out for a while) and to wear a cushioned but supportive shoe (I have shiny new shoes!). Baring this in mind, here are my five mini-goals for the month.

1. Run three times a week, gradually increasing pace and distance.
When I got the go ahead on being able to run I took myself for a, very slow, mile run. It went well so I doubled it, at a faster pace, the next time I went out. Still no pain so I think 2 miles is a good point from which I can start increasing my pace and distance. I’m aiming to go out on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday so I have good recovery time between runs. But what to do on my days off…

2. Go for a walk every weekend, gradually increasing distance.
Over the last couple of weekends I have increased my walking distance from 3 miles to 6 miles. While it would be great to double it each week I think I might just take it as it comes and see what I can fit in given the weather and company. I’m wanting to get out more with friends and my Husband; we all have different levels of fitness so that will determine whether I’m being pushed or doing the pushing. Stay tuned for where we get to this weekend!

3. Work on core fitness and stability
While I did do some upperbody work in the first couple of months of incapacity, I let it all go, had a huff and just stopped doing anything. I was by no means a muscle power-house before the injury but I had improved drastically and I’m hoping it won’t take too long to get some of it back again. My aim is to do circuit exercises twice a week on a Tuesday and Thursday and to dedicate more time to strengthening exercises during my post-run stretches.

4. Keep on top of diet and hydration
Following on from last month I want to keep up my good eating habits and safeguard myself from subconcious sabotage. For this, I aim to have three meals a day and to drink at least a litre of water each day. I have a litre bottle to keep with me so I can keep track of my intake and I’m hoping my last goal will help me to fit in my three regular meals.

5. Sleep
Yes, sleeping is one of my goals. Although, there are a few conditions to this sleep.
For five nights out of seven I aim to be in bed by 11pm each evening, read for half an hour and be asleep by Midnight… Sounds simple but we’ll see how I go. This could be a hard one. Following sleep I want to get up in the morning and have breakfast… This means getting up in time to have breakfast rather than clutching to the bed like a moody teenager. Again, I’ll have to see how I get on with this one. I do like my bed, a lot.

So, that’s this month’s gauntlet. I’ll let you know how it goes at the end of the month!

13 in 13 – January ends…

Where did January go? It is usually a month that drags on, but this year I seem to have blinked and missed it; a bit of a whirlwind.

While it has flown by, a lot seems to have happened. Or rather, just slotted into place. Some of my January mini-goals have been easy to achieve, while others have had a varied approach to say the least. Here’s a progress round-up of my ‘Detox’ month:

1. Drink no more than two cups of coffee a day.
Quite proud of myself here, I’ve only slipped with this goal twice, and then there have been days where I had no coffee at all. That’s right, NO COFFEE! I think my subconcious lent a helping hand by breaking the glass of my caffetiere while I was wahing-up. I was gutted at the time but it has limited my intake, partially due to my apathy to instant coffee and also my laziness in not yet buying a replacement glass jug.

2. Drink more herbal tea
Maybe it’s because of the cold weather, this has been really easy to achieve. I’ve nearly always got a cup on the go when I’m in the house and when I’ve been out I’ve opted for tea instead of coffee. I think I’ve won on this one and can only aim to keep it up.

3. Drink more fluid
While my fluid intake has increased with the amount of tea I’m drinking I’m not sure I’m achieving my aim of a litre of water a day. I’ve definitely increased my water intake but throughout February I’m going to make more of an effort to drink more water- this is a rollover goal.

4. Go back to slimming group
Well, I braved the scales and the reality of the whole 10.5 lbs I had gained between 20 November and 8 January. As of 29 January I had dropped 4lbs, not the loss I’d hoped for but a start at least. I know where I have been going wrong, which leads me to mini-goal 5

5. Get my eating back on track
For the most part I’ve got back to eating healthier again. There’s been the odd day I’ve missed breakfast which has thrown the day out of whack and while I’ve recouped it most of the time I have fallen back into a really bad habit… If I don’t eat first thing I can go ages without food; I just don’t get hungry. But then when the hunger pangs I need to eat straight away or I turn into some sort of Monster! When it gets to this point I stay hungry for days (or at least I think I’m hungry, despite eating mammoth quantities of food). February is going to be about putting some safeguards in place to avoid getting to this point and to regulate and sustain my weightloss.

All in all I am happy with my achievements this month. It was by no means an hardcore detox but it has been a step in the right direction and I’m reinstating good habits that can only support me in the overall mission to complete a Marathon this year.

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