Toast, and other neurosis

by Katlikegirl

A little insight into one of my ‘quirks’…

Waking early one afternoon, wrapped around my then boyfriend* fighting the urge to open my eyes and let the daylight in lest it also awaken a hangover and a pounding head. ‘I’m hungry’, I whined. ‘It’s okay,’ he told me, ‘I’ll take you out for lunch in a bit.’
‘But I’m hungry now.’ The hunger had struck, I needed to eat or I felt my head was going to implode.
‘Would you like some toast?’
‘Oooh, yes please!’
He got up, still lethargic and asked, ‘What would you like on your toast?’
‘Cheese please’, I asked cheekily.
‘So you want cheese on toast?’
‘Yes please, that would be lovely, thank you.’
So as I drifted back to sleep, the lovely man went to make me some food.
He returned shortly after with a plate of cheese on toast. My first, and vocal, reaction was, ‘But you haven’t put it to the edges!’
‘You can wear it if you like?’ he laughed at me.

While I will eat anything (except celery), I am really picky about the way things are prepared. Well, I am told I am being picky, I just think I’m doing it properly. For cheese on toast the cheese has to go right to the edges, otherwise you end up with charred crusts that get wasted; I hate wasting any food.

The way bread is buttered is just one of my ‘quirks’. The butter has to be skimmed from the top of the packet/container, definitely not dug or gouged out. Then, starting at one corner it should be buttered along all sides before filling in the middle. Maximum coverage and an econcomic amount of butter used – it just makes sense. You don’t end up making holes in the bread, you don’t get crumbs in the butter and the crusts get a nice coating that makes them worth eating.

*This man was crazy enough to marry me, not only putting up with my ways, but following instruction to do it my way too.