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Month: March, 2013

Tuna Parmesan Fishcakes

Well, I do have to say, sometimes I am a smartypants…
Not only did I lose 2lbs last week, I got home to my lovely dinner after weigh-in and I couldn’t finish my mash! Okay, maybe not the biggest exclamation in the world, but a big step for me. I was brought up under the rule that you finish everything on your plate, whether you want to or not. You were given a helping and could go back for seconds, or everything was laid out and you only took what you could eat lest you be told you had ‘eyes bigger than your belly!’. Probably not the worst insult in the world, but enough to say, don’t be so greedy, don’t be so wasteful.

I’ve carried this with me and if I have overfilled my plate I’ll continue to eat out of habit/superstition/fear of wasting food. But last night I cautiously ate around my mash, eating any that had been touched by gravy, leaving a pile of fluffy, unspoilt potato goodness… I had a plan for this mash…

Fishcakes! So simple, so easy, so tasty. Who says leftovers have to be dull!


All I did was:
Pop on the grill to preheat
Beat an egg in a small mixing jug
Finely chop a small onion and add to the jug
Add 2 crushed garlic cloves and some ground black pepper
Add a tin of (drained) tuna and mix well
Sprinkle in a dessertspoon of parmesan
Add a dolop or two of mash until the mixture is firm but holds together
Cover a baking tray with some greaseproof paper
Use your hands to make the mixture into even sized balls, line them on the tray
Press them down gently to make little pattys and pop them under the grill
Cook for 10mins (until golden) then turn over and do the same on the other side

Voila! Tasty fishcakes!

While my fishcakes were under the grill I grated a carrot, chopped some cherry tomatoes, wilted some spinach and popped it on the plate as a bed for my little beauties. Num!


13 in 13 – March begins…


Well, February didn’t stick around for long did it! And March seems to be on a mission to ‘spring’ past as well (b’dum cha)! Anyway, enough with my awful puns, lets get to business and outline some goals before I miss the month all together.

The overall goal for March is to get back to comfortably running 10k. I’m signed up for a couple (one road and one trail) in April so I need to nail this one. My mini goals for the month are…

1. Run 10k by the end of March
Sounds easy enough but… I have never actually run more than 6 miles before. I’ve done a couple of 10k trail races but at some point (or, more specifically, some hill) I walked. I’ve been increasing my distances, and increasing my stamina so, continuing on the same path, I want to be able to run for a full 10k by the end of the month. Longest run to date is 4.6 miles so watch this space!

2. Increase core workouts
Yeah, I know I said I’d do this last month, and I really did want to, but when it came down to it I couldn’t be bothered. Thing is, I want to be bothered. I really miss the bootcamp sessions I used to go to. There’s nothing like a 7:30am Saturday morning gruelling workout and the following pain to make you really feel the progress. The class isn’t running anymore and no-one else wants to do it with me so I’m left to my own devices with this one. Must try harder!

3. Yoga workout 3 times a week.
I’ve been doing a yoga workout with routines for runners after my long run each week, I want to increase this to after every run. While I do stretch methodically after each run, there’s something really satisfying about taking to the mat and working through it all. Call me a junkie but it really does prolong the ‘runners’ high’.

4. Read more
I love reading, but I rarely make the time to sit down with a good book. I have two on the go at the moment and I aim to finish both of them by the end of the month. I will read each evening before bed, which, in turn will help me with last month’s sleep goal which I have yet to improve upon.

5. Eat new things
My diet is great at the moment and the weight is coming off nicely but it can be easy to fall into a rut. I’ve been baking something new each weekend but I want to try adding a few new savoury dishes to my repetoire. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Well that’s the plan, stay tuned for how it goes, and, as ever, many thanks to Weight Wars for spurring me on to keep this up (I promise to be less tardy with my post next month!).

13 in 13 – February ends…

Better late than never…
Well, the overall goal for February was to improve fitness following injury. It’s flown by, barely seems like there was enough time to fit it all in! Here’s a little run-down of how I got on with my mini-goals this month.

1. Run three times a week, gradually increasing pace and distance.
Done and Done! My slow pace now is what my fast pace was pre-injury so I’m quite chuffed. While it’s not quite as fast as I aim to be, to complete a marathon in 4h30m, I think I’m on the right track. I’ve maybe pushed too hard on my long runs but it’s felt good so I don’t think I’m doing myself any harm increasing by more than the recommended 10% a week. I think this is because I’ve been varying my running and not increasing my weekly mileage much more than 10% each week. My long run to increase distance is a solo effort, I can really listen to myself and vary my pace accordingly. Then I take one of my runs with a very active friend of mine, this pushes me to keep up the speed. I’ve also been doing a short run with my Sister-in-law at a slower pace which has been helping to increase stamina, and also keeps my HR in the ‘fat burning’ zone, which is all good!

2. Go for a walk every weekend, gradually increasing distance.
Unfortunately haven’t managed every weekend due to some plans falling through but 2/4 ain’t bad so I’m counting this as a success. Also, while the distances haven’t been increasing, my husband and I have been taking advantage of the lengthening evenings and getting out twice a week after work for a few miles.

3. Work on core fitness and stability
So, this is where I fall down. Slap handies, I just haven’t been that arsed with circuit training. I’ve done a couple of sessions but nothing sustained, this will have to be a rollover goal.
Stretching on the otherhand has been a great success, after each of my long runs I have been doing a good session of yoga with sequences particularly aimed at runners. I really enjoy this so will endevour to find the time to keep it up.

4. Keep on top of diet and hydration
I am so very happy with myself on this one. Over February I lost half a stone 🙂 and I have baked every week! Keeping my meals regular and planning my treats really works for me… must keep it up. Hydration is still going well but I still really have to think about it or I get to the end of the day and realise I haven’t had any water, or ‘corporation pop’ as my mum used to call it. However, my tea-pot and I are never far away from eachother, I’m having at least 2 pots of herbal tea a day so maybe I just don’t need the water?

5. Sleep
Erm… Getting there (she says, in bed but very much awake, and not likely to turn off the light for another hour or so when it is already gone half eleven). Must try harder on this one.

All in all, not too shabby. Big shout out to Weight Wars having goals to comit to is spurring me on no end!

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