13 in 13 – April begins…

by Katlikegirl

The overall goal for April is to increase my walking distance in preparation for next month’s massive undertaking of the Keswick to Barrow walk – a 40 mile walk from North Lakes to South Lakes.

Anywho – how am I going to get there? Lets set some goals…

1. Go for four walks over 8 miles
To keep the walking miles in my legs, I’m going to go for 4 (or more?!) walks that are over 8 miles. Last month I walked back to Ulverston from a friend’s house in Barrow; it was a nice 10miler and I did it in less than three hours so this goal is definitely achievable, and it’s something I need to do if I’m going to finish the K2B!

2. Walk to Coniston
Why so specific? Well, living in Ulverston I’m on the doorstep of the Cumbria Way. Ulverston to Coniston is the first day of the route and something I’ve always wanted to do. Also, there’s a bus service between Coniston and Ulverston so I can walk there (have a pint) and get the bus back. It’s around 18 miles too, which will be good training for next month’s epic undertaking.

3. Run three times a week
This never used to phase me, three times a week was easy to fit in to my 9-5 Monday-Friday working week. I’m getting used to a new work schedule and with the walks I want to do I’m going to have to be a bit stricter with making a running date with myself and sticking to it. I’ve a couple of races this week and with my marathon as the big goal overall, I need to honour my runs with greater weight while also increasing my walking distances. It’s all about the plan – and sticking to it.

4. Spring clean!
April is a busy month and if I’m to stick to my plans I need to clear down, clean up, and make my environment as hassle free as possible. I’m a compulsive cleaner but if my mind is untidy my environment stacks up (literally, with piles of ‘stuff’) which perpetuates the cycle and leaves me very depressed and anxious. It’s a fitting time of year for a Spring clean so I’m setting aside some time from training to have a bit of zen cleaning and sorting.

5. Keep up core work
I’m not going to be as strict with myself on this one. The aim is just to keep it up, a little bit here and there, no time targets; just do it when I can to keep it on the back burner. It could be yoga, it could be Kinect, it could be a circuit session. We’ll see how I get on at the end of the month.

So, there we have it. The plan for this month. A plan which is, essentially, about planning.
Many thanks to Weight Wars for the drive to plan – and stick to it!