13 in 13 – March ends…

by Katlikegirl


Looking back, I’ve said it at the beginning of most of my 13 in 13 posts, the month has flown by. March has been no exception to this. It did seem to stick around a bit longer, but it is longer than February so that makes sense! There’s the old wive’s tale that, ‘if March comes in like a lion it goes out like a lamb’ and vice versa. I love this personification of the weather, and, true to this, the beginning of March was certainly like a lamb. All bouncy and Spring-like. Then it all went down hill from there – snow, bitter wind and a dramatic drop in temperature. Around my area we have a similar saying, ‘if you’re swimming in the lake at Easter then you won’t be over Summer’. There was no chance that your everyday bod (ie, someone without a wetsuit) would be outdoor swimming this Easter! This fills me with hope that we’ll get a bit of Summer this year and have many days on the lake to look forward to.

Anyhow, back on topic, the overall goal for March was to get back to comfortably running 10k. I’m signed up for a couple in April so let’s see how I did…

1. Run 10k by the end of March
Nailed it! Twice! While my weekly mileage hasn’t increased (new job, still getting my head around when to fit in my runs) I’ve made it out the door and hammered a couple of 6 mile runs. On the first of these missions I battled through the wind and rain and thought, ‘f**k it, I’m already out, I’m already freezing, you’re not going to beat me’. The second saw me nearly turn around before I even got to the end of my warm-up walk as the horizontal blizzard tried to etch its way through my windbreaker and into my skin, piercing me with icy flakes of uncomfortable and spiteful trials to my resolve. I persevered and bravely took a new route so I had further to get home even if I did turn around. But I didn’t! I’m really chuffed with this, and coming in at 1:08 I’m on track for the 1:10 I’ve set for myself in my first road 10k on April 14. Although, I do need to keep up my mileage and work out a training plan to fit in 3/4 runs a week, a goal for next month I think.

2. Increase core workouts
Again, I’m going to blame a new job and work timetable. I did manage 8 days of the 30 Day Shred, so over the course of the month I did achieve an average of 2 core sessions a month, I just happened to do them in a row… Yeah, again, something I need to continue to work on.

3. Yoga workout 3 times a week.
Meh. I suppose if I’d done 3 runs a week then this one would’ve been achieved. But I didn’t, so I didn’t. I did get some of the routines in after the runs I did do, but nothing focussed, more of a tag-on to my usual stretching. Must try harder – or rather, plan my time better (I see a theme developing!)

4. Read more
I’d not even noticed, until my reflection now, that this has been achieved with very little conscious effort. I’m back in the habit of reading! It’s come back so naturally, I’ve finished a couple of books and I look forward to settling down and reading. Goal achieved!

5. Eat new things
We’ve not really pushed the boat out with this one, rather than ‘new’ things we’ve just started to rediscover dishes we haven’t had in a long while so we’ve been a lot more varied which is good. Something to build upon.

So, that was March, and, as ever, many thanks to Weight Wars for spurring me on to keep this up (I promise to be less tardy with my post next month!).