A little challenge and a little fear

by Katlikegirl

So, we’re onto Day 4 already…


Day 4: Your greatest fears about weight-loss

This seems like a really odd question. I’m not afraid of losing weight, or else why would I be doing it? Although, I am perhaps a little wary of what will happen when I’ve lost the weight… Not anything negative, just a general fear of the unknown. Not an unusual feeling for someone with an anxious disposition!
Will my life dramatically change when I reach my goal weight? I’m not expecting so.
I’m already part way through my weight-loss journey so I’m expecting more of the same. Some positive, some negative. All the negative I can imagine (and have experienced so far) isn’t about me, just people’s perception of me and how it makes them feel. It’s taken years of my life to understand that it’s not what they think, but what I think that really matters. I want to reach my goal weight and if people want to be negative about it then that is their perogitive; it serves their own motives. I’m being healthy and if they want to be negative about it then it will only be themselves they can bring down (but it can be very wearing to put up with these people).