A little wave

by Katlikegirl

So, there’s the saying, ‘not waving, but drowning’. A wave can be a funny thing; a little hello; a please can you help me; an hello I exist(!); or a somebody please grab me before I fall down a very big hole.

The thing with a wave is, while you might think you are flailing, someone might just think that you’re passing the time of day. You’re holding out your hand for someone to stop you from falling and they carry-on about their day none the wiser.

Someone is supposed to notice when you wave at them, for them not to see is to be unacknowledged, ignored, forgotten. So when you’re flailing, not waving, you think they’d notice. 

No, just carry on, day to day and everything will be okay.

I’m going to carry on waving. My tired arms will find something to grab onto soon.