Everything, except celery

I eat everything, except celery.

Month: July, 2015

The path we take

I cannot write the path for you

Only be there, see you through

Your path is different than some might take

No rules to guide us in that we make

I’ll lend my hand each way I can

It doesn’t make you a lesser man

It’s sometimes difficult to say out loud

But feelings shared aren’t somehow halved

I’ve been here before, it was different then

Why do you keep me, why pretend

Those feelings raw, I’ve had them too

When you were there I lent on you

I cannot always be the cheer

To pick you up throughout each year

I cannot write your path for you

All I can do, is see it through


Fix me

Fix me

I am not broken

But a little bruised 

I’ve taken a tumble

I’ve taken a few

I have taken more

Than I care to recount

Hold me

I am not lonely

But a little blue

I’ve lost some people

I’ve lost a few

I have lost more

Than I care to remember

Love me

I am not wanted

But a little worn

I’ve held so much now

I’ve held a few

I have held in more

Than I care to re-tell

Mould me

I am not solid

But a little fickle

I’ve changed so much now

I’ve changed a few

I have changed more

Than I care to re-live 

Take me

I am not silent

But a little quiet

I’ve stilled the voices

I’ve stilled a few

I have stilled more

Than I care to recuse

Fear me

I am not good

But a little jaded

I’ve tried the alternatives

I’ve tried a few

I have tried more

Than I care to review

Lose me

I am not perfect

But a little polished

I’ve broken some boundaries 

I’ve broken a few

I have broken more

Than I care to renew

Fix me

I am not broken

But a little tarnished

I’ve found the exit

I’ve found a few

I have found more

Than I care to realise

Where is the use?

What use is a kissing gate with no one to kiss
What use is a memorial with no one to miss
What use is a hill when you climb it alone
What use is it all when you’re all on your own
What use is a view with no one to share
What use is adventure when you are not there
What use is persistence when it falls on deaf ears
What use is the waiting when it goes on for years
What use is patience when it goes unnoticed
What use is affection when it’s not from those closest
What use is a life with no one to care
What use is a family when it is not there
What use is a voice when it is not heard
What use is ambition when it is not shared
Where is the use and what does it matter; why do I falter? 

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