Well, I have toyed with the idea of putting my musings into blog form for some time now; the fancy for it comes and goes.

As I sat by the dam in Great Langdale yesterday afternoon, writing my thoughts, the old fashioned way, in a book I have had since I was fourteen; I didn’t think of writing a blog.
As I drove home from work this evening, brimming with news to tell; I didn’t think of writing a blog.
As I ate my dinner (a quick, but ever so lovely, stir-fry) I began to think again about writing a blog…

Yes, I like food. I talk about food a lot. I think about food a lot. I think I have found the source of my blog.

It may very well also turn into a little platform from which I can vent my annoyances. While being intrinsically chirpy, even dubbed ‘irritatingly positive’, I am wont to swing both ways. Sources of my annoyance vary widely and change day by day… But on the whole, I’d say I was fairly up-beat about it all.

Things can always be worse, and when you’ve dealt with, or put up with worse before, what you’ve got can seem like the world’s best blessing. You can be dealt a bad hand, but there’s always the rest of the pack that could be great.

Pick up, carry on, and enjoy some great food while you think about it.